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D90 Security Solutions Ltd is an acclaimed firm of security services provider with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.

We have a portfolio of completed and on-going projects with particular emphasis on access control and visitor management systems, event support (crowd and traffic management/stewarding), car park control, CCTV monitoring, entry/exit gate and access operations, front-of-house, key holding, emergency response, manned guarding, concierge and corporate. We think that your project is well suited to our strengths and aspirations.

We address your security concerns with a dynamic and innovative approach. Our crime prevention expertise and experience will help your business increase profits and reduce losses. We believe in working closely with our clients to maximize a successful relationship, while controlling costs.

D90’s mission is to provide you with highly trained and professional protection specialists (domestic & international). Whether your protection needs are short, long term, or you just want to augment your existing security program, we can provide you with the appropriate unarmed personnel to suit your situation. Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships.

We will provide you with a personal consultation to discuss your unique security needs. Using our expertise in the field of protective services, we will provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific needs. You can be well assured that your needs will be met with the experience and professionalism that D90 provides.
At D90 we take protection to the next level because Your Safety Is Our First Priority.